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The successful story of CORNY cereal bars continues with CORNY PROTEIN BARS…

The new CORNY PROTEIN BARS do not need any special introductions, since they are an extension of the successful CORNY cereal bars that for 19 years have been writing their own success story in the Cyprus market.

The new protein bars of the German company Schwartauer Werke are tasty, rich in protein, have no added sugar and they are without palm oil.  They have a rich filling and silky texture while inside they “hide” crispy rice flakes that take off their flavor! The range of CORNY PROTEIN BARS includes four unique flavors: Chocolate, Cookies, Coconut and Salted Caramel.

Schwartauer Werke: The company behind CORNY

The company behind CORNY is Schwartauer Werke, whose headquarters are located in a quiet town, in Bad Schwartau, Germany near the Baltic Sea.

Schwartauer Werke is considered a leading manufacturer of cereal bars in Germany, while the cereal bar under the brand name CORNY is definitely one of the products that have made it stand out over the years.  

The company’s modern and highly advanced factory exports products to more than 70 countries, while producing over 375 million CORNY cereal bars in Germany.

The first CORNY cereal bars were made in 1984, when Schwartauer Werke started producing the now popular CORNY. The rest is history…  

The success story continues…

The range of CORNY is constantly growing and enriching, with the latest addition being CORNY PROTEIN BARS.

These are bars rich in protein (30%) which stand out for their taste. They were made to meet the needs of a big percentage of consumers, since CORNY PROTEIN BARS do not have added sugar, they are low in calories, while they are the ideal suggestion for the most demanding days of the modern people.  

It should be noted that all CORNY products take severe checkups at Schwartauer Werke’s factories in Germany to ensure they meet the high standards, which have been set before they reach consumers.

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