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The new soft drink that will be discussed more than any other

A new proposal has come to make a difference in soft drinks and everything we knew about them until today! Vegan Cola is a soft drink with a unique taste of cola and added natural caffeine from green coffee beans that will be discussed more than any other soft drink. Besides, after its successful course abroad, it was only a matter of time before it was launched in the Cypriot market. Exclusive importer and distributor of Vegan Cola in Cyprus is the company LONDOU TRADING, which is known for its pioneering in innovative products.

Without a doubt, Vegan Cola is unique in its kind. In addition to its quality and exceptional taste, it was created with respect for nature in mind and is addressed to all those who embrace the ideology of vegans in their lives as well as all those who seek quality in their eating habits. Packed in a green tin, Vegan Cola clearly states its philosophy and its support for the environment. In addition, it offers you a natural taste, is gluten free and has no preservatives at all. But the benefits of Vegan Cola do not stop here since we left the best for last… It does not burden the body with unnecessary calories, as it contains reduced sugar, stevia is used as a sweetener and has only 28kcal per 100ml.


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