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VEGAN COLA: It’s the new trend

The Vegan diet is clearly the new trend of the time. People who turn to strict vegetarianism are constantly increasing and as statistics show this lifestyle is experiencing an unexpected rise on a global scale and in fact in all age groups.
Strict vegetarianism is an ideology, it is a way of life and not just a diet. Those who choose this diet for ethical reasons tend to be passionate about animal welfare, avoiding wearing leather and suede because they are made from animal skins, as well as any fabrics made from animal by-products, including wool and silk.

The influence of famous Hollywood stars, the “gourmet” menus that offer special dishes and unique drinks, but also the emergence of vegetarian movements, as well as the food scandals with genetically modified products, have made people aware of what they put in their stomach. Undoubtedly, the shift to a healthy lifestyle is a way of life, increasing the demand for vegan-organic products.
With the above in mind and following the global trend, the market is ‘embracing’ vegans by launching vegan product categories, while production companies adopted vegan practices in their production. Based on this trend, Londou Trading Ltd, as a pioneer company in terms of new products, launches Vegan Cola in the Cypriot market, an innovative product that aims to win the hearts of vegetarians and those whose quality in nutrition is a priority.

Vegan Cola is a soft drink with a unique flavour of cola and added natural caffeine from green coffee beans, which wins a leading role in the category of vegan drinks. Vegan Cola compared to the classic cola, has all the advantages that will make it stand out in the preferences of consumers as apart from its natural taste, it is gluten free and has no preservatives at all. In addition, it is very low in calories, since in addition to having reduced sugar, stevia is used as a sweetener.
Vegan Cola is unique in its kind. Ideal for people who love and respect nature and the environment and at the same time want to take care of their body. So the sooner you discover Vegan Cola and incorporate it into your daily routine, the faster you will feel the benefits of this particular drink that stands out due to its excellent quality and the simplicity of its ingredients.


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