• Exclusive import & Distribution

    We import and distribute our products in the Cyprus Market on an exclusive basis.

  • High Quality Products

    Our goal is to provide to the Cyprus Market and the final consumer high quality products.

  • Many EU Brands

    Most of our imported products come from EU and are associated with well known reputable brands which are leaders in their respective categories.

Why Us

Londou Trading Ltd sales force ensures a weighted market coverage level of 85% - 90%.

It also calls directly on the vast majority of its customers in order to ensure Optimum Customer Service. The structure of the Sales Department ensures a national coverage in the most efficient way in the Retail channel. Each sales representative is responsible for a small number of customers. This is considered among the lowest ratios of customers per salesman in Cyprus and enables a high frequency of visits.

The Marketing Department of C.M.Londou Trading Ltd consists of experienced and dynamic

personnel that have as their primary objectives the building of strong brands through the best possible marketing strategy and the support of the Retail and Food Service Divisions.

Our merchandising force ensures that all of the goods that are delivered to the point of sales are effectively merchandised according to a planogram.

Through the merchandising teams’ excellent relationship with local customer depot managers and assistants, they obtain excellent display positions of our products.

C.M. Londou Trading Ltd is extremely proud of its powerful distribution network, and definitely

one of the best in Cyprus concerning coverage and relations between salesmen and customers. Distribution is undertaken by the company’s owned vehicles on a weekly basis to all types of outlets – hypermarkets, supermarkets, large and small groceries stores, bakeries and kiosks. Storage and transportation are all in accordance to Health and Safety standards.

Here we work on the principle that every single person counts with their contribution.

Therefore, we require dedication and commitment from our staff at all levels. As a responsible employer, we invest in the development of modern, constantly updated and improved human resource management systems. We recognize and reward effort and results and provide a safe, non-discriminatory working environment for our workforce. Our employment practices are designed to help us create the right workplace culture in which all employees feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired.

  • 37Years
  • Experience in
    the Market
  • 2100
  • Point of sales
  • 52
  • Employees

Our Brands


News, Product News

Duda: Tasty Kabanosy sausages made from excellent quality meat

We are pleased to announce that our product range has been enriched with the unique and high quality Duda products from the leading Polish meat producer Cedrob Foods..

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News, Product News

SUN LOLLY ice: A cool treat for the whole family

We are very pleased to announce that our product range has been enriched even more with SUN LOLLY ice from the Danish group CO-RO, which stand out for their deliciou..

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News, Product News

TURM MILK: Milk in a glass bottle with or without flavours

We are very pleased to announce that our product range has been enriched with the high quality TURM milk products, which stand out for their delicious flavours and f..

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We always welcome collaborations with new trading partners in order to improve our capacities as a dynamic Trading Company in Cyprus. We always strive to meet our clients’ needs for innovative, healthy and high quality products and enhance our broad clientele.

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