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A Warm welcome and thank you for visiting C.M. Londou Trading Website.

Whether you’re a supplier looking for new agents for your products, or a consumer looking for additional information for our products or a future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

C.M. Londou Trading was created over thirty years ago, with a singular vision; to make innovative, healthy and high quality products, available to the Cypriot Market.

As I look at the growth over the years since our beginning in 1987, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a local Larnaca start-up to become a respected firm, garnering business from across Cyprus, while earning our clients’ trust along the way. What you will read is just a brief profile of our business activities and a short preview of the brands we import and distribute, so I invite you to contact us anytime for additional information, enquiries or clarifications.

Chief Executive Officer


Our Company Profile

Londou Trading Ltd has been in the foodstuffs and beverages business since 1987. As an import and distribution company with a diverse range of products imported from around the world, the company has established a variety of products with great success ranging from foodstuffs, confectionery, beverages, soft drinks, to various consumer goods.

Our company’s aim has historically been to import and sell innovative and healthy products of the highest quality to satisfy the demand of the Cypriot consumer.

  • We are guided by integrity and ethical behavior in everything we do.
  • We’re committed to marketing our products responsibly and we adhere to strong values in all of our brand-building efforts.
  • We are always honest, fair and straightforward.
  • We operate strictly according to the law.
  • We recognizing our responsibilities towards society and the environment.
  • We are responsible and accountable for results.
  • We focus on finding solutions and achieving results, rather than making excuses or placing blame.
  • We actively engage in discussions and support our decisions once they are made.
  • We keep promises and commitments made to others.
  • We show pride in our brands and heritage.
  • We love what we do and whatever we do, we do with passion.
  • We respect our colleagues, customers and consumers, and treat them as we want to be treated.
  • We have confidence in each others capabilities and intentions.
  • We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.
  • For more than 36 years, through our CSR, doing the right thing has been at the core of our purpose, values and principles. That includes investing in the society where we live, work and serve.
  • We focus on sports and physical body health by supporting many philanthropic sporting events while at the same time we support several food assistance programs organized by local communities and various school events.


Excellent geographical location of distribution

Representation of wide range of innovative & quality products

Long-standing, sound relations with customers

Strong dedication and commitment to work

Large customer

Company Mission

Our mission at Londou Trading Ltd is to supply consumers with innovative, healthy, quality and superior products and services that continually improve sales, profitability and motivate as to create value.

Company Vision

Our vision is to continue to be one of the leading foodstuff and beverage distributors in Cyprus.

Our Philosophy


– Londou Trading Ltd, was founded in Larnaca in 1987 by Mr. Christakis Londou and Mrs. Eleni Londou –

  1. C.M. Londou Trading was incorporated in Larnaca, Cyprus in 1987.

  2. The Company’s main activities were originally as a distributor of locally produced drinks.

  3. Londou Trading becomes the exclusive distributor of Trolli - a leading brand of German candy manufacturer Mederer Corporation.

  4. Our Company Appointed exclusive distributor of La Suissa chocolates - an Italian based brand.

  5. Londou Trading is appointed exclusive distributor of Schwartau from Germany with leading brands such as Corny Cereal Bars, Schwartau Jams, Schwartau Syrups and Schwartau Dessert Sauces.

  6. Our Company is appointed exclusive distributor of Active O2 Oxygen Water - Adelholzener Germany.

  7. Appointed exclusive distributor of Mini Jar Jam and Honey – HO.RE.CA. from Darbo Austria.

  8. Due to its rapid growing the Company moved to a new location with a larger Warehouse and Offices.

  9. Our Company is appointed exclusive distributor of Bulgari - A leading Italian Brand of Marshmallows.

  10. Appointed exclusive distributor of Liking - An Italian Company leader in the production of Candies in Europe.

  11. Londou Trading is appointed exclusive distributor of Triillo individually wrapped Italian biscuits produced by Emmepi Dolci.

  12. Appointed exclusive distributor of Hosta Italia Srl - A European leading Company in confectionery/snack production.

  13. Appointed exclusive distributor of Vimto - Confectionery and Ice Pops.

  14. Londou Trading is appointed exclusive distributor of Riso Scotti - Rice and Vegetal Drinks. Riso Scotti is a leading Italian Group of Companies.

  15. Appointed exclusive distributor of OSHEE Isotonic Sports Drinks. OSHEE is a Polish Market Leader in the Isotonics Sports and Vitamin Drinks Category.

  16. Our Company is appointed exclusive distributor of Capri-Sun - a leading brand of German Company SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH

  17. Londou Trading is appointed exclusive distributor of Calnort Soups and Stocks. A brand of the Spanish Company Caldos Del Norte, S.L.

  18. Londou Trading is given the exclusive distribution of a wide range of rice cake products by the Serbian company Benlian Food dedicated to distribution and production of health food.

  19. Appointed exclusive distributor of A. Le Coq ready to drink cocktails by one of the oldest and biggest drinks manufacturer in Estonia under Olvi group, a Finnish brewery and soft drinks company based in Finland.

  20. Londou Trading took part in the 1st Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon as a product sponsor with the products OSHEE and CORNY. At the same time our Company participated at the event with its own team.

  21. Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor of PROBLEND Ltd & imports and distributes Honey, Stevia and Brown Sugar Portion Sticks

  22. Our company is appointed exclusive distributor of Cavi-art produced by the Dutch Company Tang-Huset Ltd.

  23. Londou Trading is given the exclusive distribution of Corona Blanca which is produced by the company Fruit Fusion, located in Spain.

  24. Londou Trading is given the exclusive distribution of Pergale chocolates by the Lithuanian Company AB Vilniaus Pergalė which is currently the leading confectionery factory in the Baltic States.

  25. Londou Trading becomes exclusive distributor of Aleo - Aloe Vera Drinks.

  26. Londou Trading is the exclusive importers in the Cypriot market of Tortillove Tortillas since 2020.

  27. Londou Trading became the exclusive importer and distributor of ΟΥΑΚΑΤΑ instant noodles in 2021.

  28. Londou Trading became the exclusive importer and distributor of Zed Candy in 2021.

Our People

– we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset –

At Londou Trading Ltd we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. Here we work on the principle that every single person’s contribution counts therefore, we require dedication and commitment from our people at all levels.

Our company employs 52 persons and is characterized by the consistent and sensitive way it handles all human resources – a vital part of our philosophy.

As the work is a large part of our people’s lives, we strive to make it enjoyable and fulfilling. Many of us have already committed for the long haul, with many years in the company, while others are just starting their journey. The human relations environment of the company allows the development of teamwork spirit, collaboration, initiatives and prospects for development and evolution.

The continuous training is one of the company´s top priorities and one of the many ways to develop and promote the various personnel skills and abilities and maintain the human resources strong competitive advantage.

Our Facilities

– Our facilities are unique in look and function –

Our modern offices and buildings are strategically located in the Aradippou industrial area in Larnaca just 5 minutes from the Larnaca International Airport. Our HQ is also 25 minutes from the capital Nicosia, and 45 minutes from Limassol where the biggest port of the Country is located, and 90 minutes from Paphos a major tourist destination.

Our facilities are unique in look and function providing a pleasant environment for our personnel and they include:

  • 2500 square meters of warehouse and office space.
  • 3000 square meters of land and gardens.
  • A large warehouse for ambient products and a small warehouse for controlled temperature products.
  • Modern and large offices.
  • Fully equipped kitchens complete with all kitchen supplies that can accommodate small meals and coffee breaks.
  • A conference center that seats more than 20 people.
  • Latest technology computers systems, programs, e.t.c.

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