King Juice Co. Inc., is the manufacturer and marketer of the Calypso brand of lemonade drinks and is a leading co-manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages. All Calypso products produced at the company’s plant in Milwaukee, which has the capacity to accommodate growth.

The Calypso Original Lemonade recipe dates to 1985, when the then-owner of King Juice Co. Inc., came up with a beverage that used real lemons. Made in small batches, the lemonade was delivered locally on the company truck. Inspired by the fruits, flavors and spirit of the islands, it grew in popularity before taking the name Calypso in 2000.

Calypso is now one of the largest and fastest growing lemonade brands. Calypso has expanded to more than 10 flavors of lemonade. As the only lemonade brand that delivers a vacation in a bottle, Calypso is made with a focus on quality, using natural flavors.

Each Calypso is served in high-quality custom glass bottles.  Unique “Taste of the Islands” flavor combinations and ingredient quality have been Calypso’s key to success, and the brand has been able to grow rapidly.

Calypso is distributed internationally in more than 30 countries.  The company is head – quartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Londou Trading became the exclusive importer and distributor in the Cyprus Market of Calypso in 2024.


Calypso – Original Lemonade 473ml
Calypso – Ocean Blue Lemonade 473ml
Calypso – Strawberry Lemonade 473ml
Calypso – Triple Melon Lemonade 473ml
Calypso – Kiwi Lemonade 473ml


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