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Calypso Lemonades: Let yourself indulge in their delicious exotic taste!

When Odysseus met Calypso, it is rumored that he stayed with her for 7 whole years, forgetting his Ithaca! The famous nymph of the Western Mediterranean seems to have kept all the freshness of her natural gardens by weaving their flavors until today, preserving the fruits of her sacred forest in glass embossed bottles, which were loved in over 30 countries around the world!

We are talking about the world famous Calypso Lemonades, which arrived on our island to make us forget in their delicious taste!

With natural lemon juice as their main ingredient, Calypso Lemonades, give a wonderful sense of coolness and rejuvenation that in combination with the unique natural flavors of exotic fruits, offer exactly what their slogan says…”Taste of the islands“!

Their rich flavor mentally travels us to exotic islands, giving us the opportunity to let our imagination run wild and create delicious exotic cocktails, while the experience becomes even more fun, with the smart and tasteful quotes written on the cap of each bottle!

Calypso was launched in 2000 with the Original Lemonade flavor, by the American company King Juice Co. Inc. based in Milwaukee, and today they are also manufactured in Europe and are available in more than 10 flavors! With emphasis on quality, Calypso Lemonades are one of the largest and fastest growing brands around the world!

Find Calypso in selected supermarkets and stores, in 5 delicious flavors and travel with them in the most delicious and refreshing way! 

Ocean Blue Lemonade – an amazing combination of lemonade with blueberries, blackberries and blue raspberries!

Triple Melon Lemonade – a “pink symphony” of lemonade with watermelon and 2 different types of melon!

Strawberry Lemonade – The perfect balance between the intense taste of lemon and the sweet taste of strawberry!

Kiwi Lemonade – an original refreshing combination of lemon and kiwi! 

Original Lemonade – Timeless and classic lemon flavor!

Discover the rich exotic taste of Calypso Lemonades and live the ultimate taste experience that will enchant you from the very first sip!

Londou Trading is the exclusive importer and distributor of Calypso in the Cyprus market since 2024.


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