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The art of Cavi-art, as its name implies, is undeniable. This vegan caviar, which looks exactly like classic sturgeon caviar, is an innovative creation made out of seaweed that will impress you, both with its bright color but also with its unique flavor, but also its enticing price. Cavi-art with its glamorous design and exquisite flavor makes its debut all over Europe and excels from the very first moment..

Cavi-art is an innovative product by the company Tang-Huset, based in Denmark. It was created from seaweed from the clean coasts and the marine region of Brittany and Scotland, and is definitely 100% fish-friendly. It is an excellent alternative to garnish cold or hot dishes, but also an ideal alternative for vegetarians and vegans. You could try it as an appetizer, or to make sushi, garnish canapés, but also in your soup, your sauces or on your pizza, just as you would use classic caviar. The innovative Cavi-art is low in calories, and of course vegan. Both red and black, vegan caviar Cavi-art has already won several awards, and appreciation of famous gourmet vegan chefs. It becomes a wonderful ingredient in the hands of the chefs, not only with its appearance but also with its unique flavor. That’s why they use it in gourmet restaurants. Apart from this, unlike caviar, Cavi-art’s taste does not alter after opening the jar, so you do not have to consume it right away, as freshness lasts for up to 3 months.

Cavi-art is very healthy and actually even healthier than the traditional caviar as it contains no fat or cholesterol. Its low in salt, its gluten free, and does not contain animal or fish ingredients or soy. Its consistency is similar to the classic caviar and has an amazing taste, that’s why Cavi-art will win you over from the very first taste.

And remember: Seaweed is rich in healthy and very important micro-nutrients and their consumption leads to a health and longevity.

Cavi-art is available in jars of 100g in 2 unique kinds:  

Cavi-art Black With a formula that has nothing to be envious of from the Beluga caviar, with tiny black pearls that “explode” in the mouth, Cavi-art Black has a fresh salty flavour that temptingly compliments your appetizers, your sauces with herbs and whipping cream, your potatoes or sprinkled on Hollandaise sauce over asparagus.

Cavi-art Red Cavi-art Red The small red pearls with the salty, smoky flavour, are ideal for making delicious vegan sushi from thin avocado slices, to add it to your veggie omelets, or to mix it in with creamy vegan cheese and feta cheese to make tortillas for a unique appetizer.

The profile of the company,TangHuset The company Tang Huset stands out for its passion in the creation of innovative products. It has specialized in the processing and production of products that are based on seaweed for more than 20 years. Today it is known all over the world with Cavi-art, a product which got inspired by an experiment in 1988 by Jens Moller, its creator, but took form in 1995, after many years of research and tests in the labs of the company Jens Moller Products. In 2016 it made its debut in the market of Denmark, and very quickly took over Europe and USA but also international markets. Soon it is expected for Tang-Huset to introduce new products that will impress.


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