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CORNY MILK: Everyone’s favourite snack!

They look like sandwiches but they are not! They have creamy filling, but they are not cookies! No, we’re not going to play with riddles! We’re talking about CORNY MILK, the most delicious cereal bars you can give your kids and you can also enjoy them too!

They are delicious and have practical packaging. They belong to the CORNY family, thats why you will especially love them. You see, they are made from the best cereals, they contain honey and delicious milk cream and are rich in valuable calcium. And because as parents you’re always thinking of the best for your children, you will offer your little ones,  one of the healthiest snacks which they could even eat at school too!
After all, their nutritional value is confirmed, as they are enriched with extra calcium, a precious element for the healthy development of your children’s bones.
In fact, the manufacturers, the German company Schwartau, guarantee that their cereal bars CORNY do not contain preservatives nor colors or flavours. Also, the fact that CORNY MILK are made from the best part of the grain, they offer energy, a fact that makes them more attractive to all members of your family, independently of their age.
In conclusion, because CORNY MILK cereal bars are products of nature, they are considered balanced and complete snacks that you can also include in your diet.

And of course, they contribute to the good health of your body and your children’s.

You can enjoy CORNY MILK cereal bars in two delicious versions, Corny Milk classic and Corny Milk Dark & White.

Corny Milk Classic cereal bar, contains pure honey and rich milk cream and Corny Milk Dark & White, combines selected grains, delicious chocolate cereal flakes and delicious milk cream rich in calcium!

Corny Milk cereal bars are offered in four piece family packs and in… Big 24 piece packs for even Bigger enjoyment!

You will find Corny Milk cereal bars and all your favorite Corny’s on supermarket shelves near Cereals and Healthy products section.

LONDOU TRADING has been the exclusive importer of CORNY products from 2005 and since then and has been distributing CORNY products with great success in the Cyprus market.

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