Foodibev International

Foodibev International is a company that creates, promotes and sells beverages and food products for all ages. It is part of the Spanish group Nanumea Colned, which was established in 2003 and has developed more than twenty brands of drinks, juices, wines and dairy products, among others.

Foodibev International has a deep knowledge of international markets, logistics, customs and import procedures. This has allowed the company to reach and sell more than 6000 containers per year.

All the products are mainly produced in Europe, from where they travel to the three main markets: Africa, Asia and the CaribbeanThe company currently is present in 40 countries on the African continent and in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The well-established brands of Foodibev International Mulic and Monfruit were recently been added to the Londou Trading portfolio. These are products of exceptional taste and quality that will excite everyone.

Monfruit is the brand of long-life dairy desserts with an irresistible taste and creaminess. They are available in the following flavours: Strawberry, multi-fruit strawberry/banana and raspberry/peach (with fruit bits!).

Mulik are milkshakes that are made with delicious whole milk from cows that graze in Belgian meadows, in the heart of Europe. They are offered in the following 4 flavours: Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla and Strawberry.

Londou Trading became the exclusive importer and distributor in the Cyprus Market of Foodibev International at the end of 2023 and distributes Muliκ and Monfruit products with great success in the Cyprus Market.


Monfruit Pineappple/Strawberry 4x125g
Monfruit Raspberry/Peach 4x125g
Monfruit Raspberry/Peach 4x125g

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