The Schwartauer Werke Company tapped into a new market in Germany when it started producing CORNY cereal bars in 1984. At the time, no comparable product existed in Germany or anywhere else in Europe for that matter. CORNY quickly gained in popularity and has become the best-known cereal bar in Germany and Europe – in fact, CORNY has become synonymous with cereal bars in general.

The Corny headquarters are based in the peaceful town of Bad Schwartau, a few minutes from the Baltic Sea. The modern and highly advanced factory not only exports products to over 70 countries, but produces over 200 million Corny products in Germany.

Corny is the No. 1 cereal bar in Germany, with over 80% market share in one of the most competitive FMCG markets worldwide and is also the market leader in Cereal Bars in over 20 European Markets.

All Corny products undergo the strictest quality testing by experts to ensure that the cereal bars meet the highest standards set before they reach consumers.

Corny products were introduced to Cyprus in 2005 and after thirteen years the cereal bars have established a firm presence in the Cyprus Horeca Market thanks to their delicious flavours and high quality.


Corny Big 50g
Corny Milk 40g

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