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TURM MILK: Milk in a glass bottle with or without flavours

We are very pleased to announce that our product range has been enriched with the high quality TURM milk products, which stand out for their delicious flavours and for their glass bottle!

TURM milk is produced in Germany by TURM-Sahne, one of the leading companies in the production and distribution of sterilized products in glass bottles, with a particular focus on coffee cream, coffee milk, evaporated milk and mixed milk products! 

The history of TURM-Sahne GmbH goes back to 1949, when the brothers Alfred and Dr. Engelhard Loesing, together with the managing director of a dairy Walter Gloor, implemented the idea of using glass bottles to package milk and cream. Today with over 200 products TURM-Sahne is a leader in its field and exports to more than 40 countries worldwide!

The company through continuous and stringent quality controls has secured important quality certifications (IFS), while aiming for maximum optimization of production processes!  

TURM milks are available in five delicious flavours: TURM Chocolate Milk for chocolate lovers and the characteristic taste of cocoa, TURM Banana Milk with the tropical taste of sun-ripened bananas, TURM Vanilla Milk for those who love the sophisticated taste of vanilla, TURM Strawberry Milk with the refreshing and fresh taste of strawberry and TURM Classic Milk Flavour 1. 5% Fat, for those who want to enjoy the rich authentic taste of milk, in low fat!

TURM-Sahne products are available in selected supermarkets and stores.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of TURM MILK in the Cypriot market since 2024.

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