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Naturally Refreshing: Active O2 in four great flavours

Active O2 based on pure Adelholzener mineral water from the Bavarian Alps has added oxygen for perfect refreshment. The oxygen gives Active O2 its distinctive, highly refreshing flavour. Active O2 comes in four different flavours – something to suit every taste. With its stylish bottle, practical sports lock top and range of flavours, Active O2 is a cool modern brand – perfect for when you’re out and about: Whether you’re doing sports, shopping or any other of your daily activities – its functional drinking cap means Active O2 can go with you anywhere. The Active O2 success story started back in 2001. Today people in more than 30 countries all over the world love Active O2 with its broad selection of natural flavours. Would you like to find out more about the origins of Active O2 and Adelholzener? If so, pay a visit to

All Active O2 products are based on pure Adelholzener mineral water from the Bavarian Alps. The water is sourced from an Alpine geological formation created during the Ice Age (approximately 25,000 years ago) where the mineral water has been accumulating ever since. It is protected from surface elements by a 40 meter protective layer of lake clay and is pulled directly from a water resource 140 meters below a widespread nature sanctuary.

Adelholzener mineral water

  • with valuable minerals
  • Without carbonation
  • protected by a water impermeable clay layer
  • of unique purity


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