Turm milk is produced in Germany by TURM-Sahne, a company that specializes in the production and distribution of sterilized coffee cream in glass bottles with over 200 items in its product range. TURM-Sahne are the market leader, holding a significant market share in this segment.

The company’s business activities in over 40 countries are coordinated from its headquarters in Oldenburg. The history of TURM-Sahne GmbH goes back to 1949 when the brothers Alfred and Dr. Engelhard Loesing, along with Walter Gloor, the managing director of a dairy, developed the idea to use glass as a packaging material for milk and cream.

In 1994, the company moved to its current plant in Westerender Weg in Oldenburg. The decision to move to the new premises was made because of the perfect location offered on the site of Molkerei Ammerland eG: the milk can be taken straight from the dairy to TURM-Sahne’s production plant, without any detours, so no further transport is necessary.

Proximity to customers is one of the company’s greatest strengths. Other factors of particular importance to the company are the high level of quality, this is confirmed by numerous certifications by independent experts, but also by the quality officers of the customers themselves.  The in-house laboratory and quality control also ensure constant monitoring of products and company processes. From the very start, the company’s commitment to its customers and the company’s reliability have provided the basis for its customers’ trust on the company – in line with its slogan “Top-quality cream”.

The company takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and acts accordingly, being particularly committed to young people.

Londou Trading became the exclusive importer and distributor in the Cyprus Market of TURM-Sahne in 2024.


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