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Corny Free: Guilt free pleasure!

When you are in the office, at the gym or even when you are traveling and you just want something to… munch on, but don’t want to get burdened with extra calories! Corny Free cereal bars are the answer to your worries. Made with the same selected cereals and grains as all Corny’s, they take a lighter approach that excites even the most demanding of palettes. And the most important, they give you less than 67 calories per bar for endless enjoyment without feeling guilty.

Every flavour is a sweet treat!

CORNY FREE cereal bars are one of the most enjoyable and lightest snacks on the market. With selected cereals and without added sugar, they’re available in four unique flavours: Chocolate, White Chocolate, Nougat, and Yogurt!

So whichever your dietary preferences, there is definitely a Corny Free for you! And you will definitely establish them as your most loyal allies in maintaining your figure.

Even though they are very low in fat and calories, Corny Free are still an excellent source of energy, because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. And that’s why they offer you the pleasure without the guilt, every time you want something healthy, tasty but above all light.

Don’t forget that dietitians and nutritionists recommend it as a light, low in calories snack!

You can find the whole range of CORNY products on supermarket shelves, near the cereals and health food products.

LONDOU TRADING has been the exclusive importer of CORNY products from 2005 and since then and has been distributing CORNY products with great success in the Cyprus market.


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