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LA SUISSA chocolates and Christmas go together!

Christmas is here and we are ready for the most beautiful and festive season!

As every year, this year too, food, drinks, lights and decorations are in the spotlight, while sweets and especially chocolates are prominent, which will “decorate” our plates to accompany every moment.

The Italian chocolates LA SUISSA are the best choice and are here to give us again the most delicious chocolate experiences. They are made of high quality milk chocolate with a delicious hazelnut cream filling and are offered in a variety of flavors, covering every taste and every occasion!

They are available in various shapes and their impressive wrappers keep their unique taste fresh. 

Enjoy the GRAN BONTA chocolates with their wonderful sophisticated flavors (cocoa, hazelnut, cappuccino and coffee) that are the best choice to accompany your coffee and not only!

The special and unique milk chocolates SOSPIRI CREMA, with amazing filling in four flavours (hazelnut, cocoa, coffee and amaretto)!

The beloved MAXI SOSPIRI WISHES with a filling of delicious, delectable hazelnut cream with cereal, which, as their name suggests, make everyone’s wishes come true, for dreamy chocolate adventures!

The classic and timeless NOCIO, LA SUISSA’s landmark, with a delicious hazelnut cream filling and a whole roasted hazelnut in the middle!  

And finally, the chocolates of our heart, GIANDUI HEARTS, with a heart shape, made from top quality milk chocolate and with a delicious hazelnut cream filling!

Because Christmas without LA SUISSA chocolates is not possible!


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